Cairns Money Expo


James Callahan, General Manager.


James Callahan Dip FP is an experienced financial planner. With over 30 years of operating his own business providing financial advice to people of all walks of life. Jim is now providing consultancy services to the financial services industry where he is assisting with special projects like Cairns Money Expo. Jim loves assisting younger advisers to build on their existing businesses. James and his wife Lynn are also enjoying being grandparents to their four grandchildren while living in paradise in Cairns Far North Queensland.
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Ron Clark- Committee Member

As a committee member for Cairns Money Expo I'm proud to be part of this significant financial event. I worked many years as a Financial Planner and a common thread when speaking to people was the lack of opportunities to bounce ideas and questions off professionals. I started in the Life Insurance business in 1965 in Dalby and moved to Cairns in 1976. I took my own advice and had life insurance policies whilst also building up savings and investments. In 1992 I was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to stop work for a period of time to seek treatment. Unfortunately things like Trauma Insurance weren’t around in my working years and so I had to use my retirement savings to fund living and medical costs. My retirement nest egg took a hit. Fortunately for me I did recover and returned to working as a financial planner until my retirement in 2003. I am now happily retired with my wife Dianne of 50 years marriage, and enjoy spending time with my children/grandchild with a little travel thrown in the middle. Today, planning your finances through your life stages can be effortless if you seek the right advice early, and attending this event is a great start. So come along, listen, be informed, ask questions. I look forward to meeting you at the Cairns Money Expo.